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Mann Elementary School                      

1002 South 52nd Street
Tacoma, WA 98408

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  1. The best place to start is your classroom teacher. Find contact information in the staff directory.
  2. For additional support or information contact your counselor or school principal. 
  3. For district programs and supports, contact our district office.

Staff Directory

Position Name Email Phone
Main Office 253-571-6300
Fax Number     253-571-6301
Health Room     253-571-6352
Administrative & Office Staff
Principal Heather Patterson-Hutton 253-571-6300
Office Coordinator Kelley Salas 253-571-6300
Elementary Secretary Teresa Potter 253-571-6300
Student Support
Nurse Jill Walsh 253-571-6352
Occupational Therapist Tracy Chappell 253-571-6338
Psychologist Dajana Kurbegovic 253-571-6354
Counselor Milagros Thompson 253-571-6360
Physical Therapist Koko Waters-Vogel 253-571-6337
Instructional Coach Catherine Butler 253-571-6335
Behavior Intervention Specialist Stephanie Thomas 253-571-6335
Speech Language Pathologist Becky Bird 253-571-6337
Specialist Teachers      
Learning Resource Center (LRC) Sandra Wentworth 253-571-6303
PE Jamie Hemenway 253-571-6331
Music Olivia Samuel 253-571-6334
Librarian Alyssa Wanner 253-571-6362
LAP Bertina Kelley 253-571-6308
ML (EL) Linda Grigholm 253-571-6311
Preschool & Headstart      
Peer Inclusion Preschool Robin Gibson 253-571-6304
Family Advocate Head Start Rebecca Padilla 253-571-6347
Head Start Lead Galina Prisyazhnyuk 253-571-6345
Head Start Educational Support Professional Chrystal Elvin 253-571-6345
Head Start Educational Support Professional Glady Rodriguez-Garcia 253-571-6345
K-5 Classroom Teachers      
Kindergarten Kellie Ruth 253-571-6315
Kindergarten Rosemary Mancini

Kindergarten Annette Mueller 253-571-6317
First Tinalea Barsuglia 253-571-6319
First Kim Danek 253-571-6320
Second Angela McCormack 253-571-6307
Second Sylvia Wilson 253-571-6309
Second Chloe Little 253-571-6307
Third Arlee Hall 253-571-6305
Third Darin Bott 253-571-6310
Fourth/Fifth Split Trent Comer 253-571-6323
Fourth Hannah Swift 253-571-6306
Fifth Angela Hawkins 253-571-6324
SAIL (3rd-5th) Kris Furrer 253-571-6329
Building Support      
Educational Support Professional Katie Palmer 253-571-6327
Educational Support Professional Michelle Srisuk 253-571-6327
Educational Support Professional Erin Gilman 253-571-6327
Educational Support Professional Jaylynn Bustamante 253-571-6327
Educational Support Professional Brandi Cottrell 253-571-6304
Chief Custodian Vladimir Orlov 253-571-6342
Night Custodian Nadiya Morozova 253-571-6342
Nutrition Services Cheryl Paul 253-571-6343
Nutrition Services Yadira Coyotecatl 253-571-6343
Nutrition Services Rebecca Moore 253-571-6343

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