​Horace Mann Elementary is the hub of the south end neighborhood as it continues to draw and keep families that are second, third or even fourth generation. This multi-generation neighborhood impacts the climate and population at Mann in that 80 percent of our students live within walking distance. Our school is named after Horace Mann, an early statesman who promoted the concept of "public" schools for all; his name conveys the school's focus of educational opportunity for every student. Our goal is to uphold that same tradition and be a neighborhood school that is a "haven for learning."

We understand that high expectations, motivation, and caring are the cornerstones of academic achievement. Mann is a school where all students can succeed. Our staff is diligent in cultivating an atmosphere of learning through close cooperation between the school, parents, and community. This connection conveys the importance of genuine care, sense of value, and worth to our students that will increase learning.

We are hard at work using creative best practices and interventions to eliminate disparities in student achievement. Represented through the support of the whole school community, Mann Elementary School is the "hope" and "anchor" of learning for all students.


We will foster the development of responsible contributing citizens by providing a safe, caring, and welcoming environment.  We will empower students to be successful while celebrating diversity. Therefore, we invite and encourage parents and community members to support and contribute to the high standards of our educational process.